Treatments with the use of botulinum toxin type A, commonly referred to as Botox, are most recommendable in situations where mimic wrinkles, the main cause of which is excessive muscle activity, are to be treated with immediate effects. Botox owes its exceptional effectiveness to the fact that it blocks the secretion of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for transferring nerve impulses from neurons to nerve cells, thanks to which process any given muscle can be immobilized and its adjacent skin straightened. Immobilization covers only small fragments of the skin, allowing the rest of the muscles to function normally with the face retaining its natural look. Treatments with the use of type A botulinum toxin are among the most popular in the practice of aesthetic medicine.



Who should decide for the procedure?

The main determinant qualifying patients for botulinum toxin-based treatments is not their age, but rather the very presence of mimic wrinkles. The treatment is recommended for both younger and mature patients. In the case of the former, it will act prophylactically, while for the latter, it will minimize wrinkles that have already been created. The treatment is recommended especially for those wishing to eliminate the so-called lion wrinkles and crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth, on the chin, neck and the lower eyelid. Botox, however, has also medical application - thanks to its ability to immobilize muscles, it can, for example, help in dealing with migraine or bruxism, i.e. intense and uncontrolled clenching and grinding of teeth.


What effects does the treatment bring?

Botox smoothens wrinkles and makes the skin firmer and more elastic. The effects after the procedure with the use of botulinum toxin type A last for about half a year. After this time, it is best to repeat the treatment.


Botox is are most recommendable in situations where mimic wrinkles are to be treated with immediate effects



What are the contraindications?

Contraindications in this respect include local skin infections, hypersensitivity to the ingredients used, neuromuscular disorders, pregnancy and lactation as well as the use of drugs containing aminoglycosides, aminoquinolones, cyclosporine, D-penicillamine, galamine, tubocurarine, pancurium onium, succinylcholine, lincomycine, tetracycline and polymyxine.


How to behave after the procedure?

Within half an hour to one hour after the procedure, mimic muscles at the puncture spots should be exercised, while up to 4 hours after the procedure, one should not tilt the head down. On the day of the treatment, patients should also avoid consuming alcohol and using sauna or sunbathing. In the coming days after the procedure, patients should not also massage those places where the preparation was injected.


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Reduction of wrinkles with botulinum toxin type A (botox)

one body area 600 PLN
two areas 900 PLN
three areas 1000 PLN
four areas 1400 PLN
botoxlift (whole face + eyes areas) 1800-2000 PLN
lifting of the mandible line 900 PLN
Body areas: 
  • forehead wrinkles,
  • wrinkles between eyebrows (lion's furrow),
  • wrinkles around eyes (crow's feet),
  • raised eyebrows,
  • wrinkles around nose,
  • wrinkles around mouth,
  • lifting of the mouth corners,
  • smoothing the beard,
  • smoothing wrinkles of the lower eyelid.

Hyperhidrosis treatment with the use of botulinum toxin 

forehead 1000 PLN
scalp 1200 PLN
armpits 1500 PLN
hands 1500 PLN
feet 1500 PLN

Botulinum toxin treatment of neurological diseases 

migraine headaches, tension from 1200 PLN
bruxism from 1200 PLN